Are you Mr. and Mrs. Lee?

The Lee's have been great parents and coaches to Mike, and it paid off. He was an excellent student in high school and is now graduating from a prestigious university.
Mike has started looking for a job but is discouraged by the unemployment rate and how many of his peers have been rejected by prospective employers. He is learning that companies want candidates with experience, which he did not get much of while he was busy studying. He can't re-write history. Mike's parents want to help him and have made many connections through their network of friends. What next?
Hit the Job Running can help your recent college graduate understand what skills employers are looking for in job applicants. Although your son or daughter may not have developed these skills through work experience, they may have obtained them through college and summer experiences. The job application process itself presents an opportunity to hone these skills. The key is knowing what workplace skills are essential and creating a plan for developing and demonstrating them.

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