Are you Jake? 

Jake is a highly regarded manager at a fast paced startup.  His company hired five recent college grads to help keep labor costs low and to bring in talent that reflects their generation's thinking. 
Part of Jake’s managerial responsibility is to bring the new hires “up to speed". With all of the other demands at work, Jake just didn't have time to figure out how to do this training. Without it, the new hires wouldn’t be as productive as needed.  Or worse – they would probably get frustrated and quit. 

Jake decided to buy
Hit the Job Running for each of the new employees.  He now holds weekly meetings with them in which they discuss skills in the book that are necessary to be successful.  Now Jake and his new hires are all much more productive. The new employees have proven to be a great investment.

Managing your employees’ workload and professional development is more than a full time job.  Let us help your new hires develop skills essential to their success.  Use our book, Hit the Job Running or the Manager's Guide to Hit the Job Running to take the guesswork out for you.  Even easier, have us train your new hires!

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