"I wish I had Hit the Job Running
when I first started working"

...Thousands of our readers

Do you have the skills to perform your job well?
Take the following quiz to find out:

  1. Do you know how to make the right first impression - with your appearance, speech, behavior and workspace?
  2. How's your business acumen? Can you articulate how your job supports your organization's mission and goals?
  3. Do you know what three things in your workplace could get you fired fastest?
  4. Do you know the essential questions to answer before starting any assignment?
  5. Can you write a project plan that contains a schedule of tasks that all project members can follow? Would it include a risk assessment with contingency plans?
  6. Can you honestly say you're receptive to positive and negative feedback - and know how to benefit from each?
  7. Do you have a repeatable process for problem solving - that works?
  8. Can you write an error-free business email that your manager approves on first review?
  9. Do you know what to do if you can't get along with a co-worker?
  10. Have you identified (by name) both your internal and external customers? Why is this important?

If you answered 'NO' to any of these questions, take a look at Hit the Job Running to get yourself a 24x7 desktop workplace mentor to help you hone these skills.

Authors' Biographies

Andrea, Lynda and Ray met as managers at GE Aerospace, where they discovered a shared interest in determining how best to mentor their employees. The impetus for this book's first version was a layoff in 1992. During the painful process of deciding who would be laid-off, the authors had a pivotal insight: Most employees did not lose their jobs for lack of technical skills, lack of effort or lack of ambition. Instead, most were let go because of poor "workplace skills," such as an inability to adapt to the business culture, poor planning or problem solving, inappropriate interpersonal interactions and lack of time management. The authors have since devoted a significant portion of their careers to helping people benefit from this insight.

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